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Brand Story and Values

Eforma's identity is made up of solid and concrete values expressed through a clear and recognizable language. Experienced craftsmen enhance the finest materials through careful workmanship and committed attention to every detail. Made in Italy industry and craftsmanship interact, reconciling memory and research. An unstoppable dialogue between past, present and future. A harmony of shapes and a wealth of materials which, combined together, give life to a unique and versatile identity capable of offering exclusive, unrepeatable and personal projects. The pursuit of excellence linked to the desire to provide products that meet consumer needs has allowed eforma to stand out from its competitors, consolidating its positions in the Italian and international market. From leather to the most refined fabrics, from the quality of marble surfaces to the most refined metals, attention to craftsmanship is the strong point of a company that finds the drive for constant renewal in its solid roots. Artisan wisdom thus transforms tradition into an opportunity that looks directly to the future.

Each product is made strictly by hand, respecting the criteria of responsibility and attention to people and the environment that have always guided us. The eforma philosophy expresses the centrality of a project that only sensitivity to design and tailoring can transform into unique objects, capable of enriching the beauty and functionality of the environment in which our life takes place. It is from the synthesis of our values, such as harmony, elegance and creativity, that Eforma products are born. Characterized by a "deep" design, which expresses knowledge of how that object is made and from which materials its history begins.

Featured Products and Visual Assets

Onda table
Onda is the elegant table for modern living rooms. Its essential style is characterized by the central base with rounded shapes. The base is made up of metal legs which vary in number and position depending on the size of the top. As well as being in ceramic, Onda is also available in the wooden table, glass table and marble table versions and is the perfect modern table to satisfy the different tastes that modern furnishings require.


Polifemo table

Polifemo is the design table perfect to be the undisputed protagonist of the living areas.
This rectangular table with bevelled edges presents itself in perfect harmony between shapes and materials, a balance with a unique design. The result of the designer Andrea Lucatello, it owes its important name to the mythological figure encountered by Homer in the land of the Cyclopes. The important and impactful structure finds an interesting furnishing combination if combined with the Jane armchairs with metal legs.
To meet your furnishing needs, the Polifemo table is available with a ceramic, crystal, wood or marble top.

Jane chair

Jane with metal legs is the swivel armchair with a simple and unique design, perfect for working environments. Created by designer Antoy Filips, this swivel armchair is padded and is also made in the fixed version. The legs that support the seat are in painted or chromed metal. Convenient and comfortable, perfect for those who have to spend several hours of work sitting down, it has a large backrest that wraps around the torso of its guests. Worthy of note are the high tailoring workmanship, with attention to detail and handcrafted.

Manta chair
Manta with metal legs is the padded chair with guaranteed comfort and a versatile style that makes it ideal for different environments and contexts. Designer Antoy Filips wanted it to be comfortable, thanks to the padding, and stable, supported by painted metal legs. The contemporary charm of this designer upholstered chair is highlighted by the prestigious style and sartorial touch that can be seen in every detail. In this version the structure is soft and streamlined, while in the Manta version with wooden legs the style is more elegant and refined. Designed for domestic environments, this comfortable design chair matches perfectly with furnishing accessories in the living and sleeping areas but also with work environments. Available in leather, eco-leather or fabric.

Peo low coffee tables
Peo Low with crystal top is the coffee table that will make your living room a unique and unforgettable place. Designed by designer Ollen Pal, this coffee table is made with a base in painted metal and polished marble, while the precious shelf is in 10 mm thick glass. This important piece of furniture is defined by a sculptural and elegant design and thanks to the solid support in fine marble, it can be used as a central element of your living room. The refined painted metal profile that supports the round glass top makes it the ideal solution for those looking for a designer coffee table.

Cilindro desk

Cilindro desk with ceramic top is the ideal designer desk for creating an office corner with a unique style. With a simple and decisive character, the Cilindro Desk has a ceramic shelf that is a continuum with the structure: the sculptural cylindrical base is made of metal which, depending on needs, can be painted in one color or two colors and solidly supports one side of the top. The focus of this furnishing accessory is on functionality, which finds its maximum expression thanks to the harmonious and light shapes. The made in Italy design desk is also equipped with a drawer for storing objects and documents. Upon request it is also possible to add an elegant leather pad.

Lyra desk

Lyra desk is the elegant desk with clean and essential lines perfect for the home office corner. Designed by Ollen Pal, Lyra Desk is made with a central drawer, base and top frame in painted metal, while the top is in veneered wood with a lacquered profile. Two painted metal legs support the wooden structure with sinuous curves, while the unique touch of the elegant piece of furniture is given by a precious painted metal frame that fits onto the top enhanced by a refined profile in contrasting lacquered wood. This elegant furnishing accessory can be used both as a desk and as a dressing table, thanks to the presence of the comfortable and refined extra-clear bevelled mirror: a piece of furniture with a classic style that will be able to decorate rooms with style and charm. An elegant leather pad is available on request.

Onda console

The Onda console with ceramic top is the contemporary console with important shapes and volumes, which will make every wall unique. An elegant and refined design, desired by Ollen Pal, sees the structure of the contemporary console defined by a base in bronze-coloured painted metal and a shaped top in shiny Calacatta Gold ceramic. The undertop of the console is lacquered with a thickness of 35 mm in the same color as the base, coupled with 6 mm thick tempered glass (with anthracite base and black undertop). This furnishing accessory is perfect for the entrance of the house but also of accommodation facilities with a sophisticated and classy style, and is also available in versions with a marble or crystal shelf. To complete the wall decor, choose the Cherry pendant lamp, in brushed gold.

Astrum mirror
Astrum is the design wall mirror with a unique and defined shape, the perfect furnishing solution to enhance entrance or sharing environments. The brainchild of designer Andrea Lucatello, it owes its name to the stars of space, from which it draws inspiration. The Astrum mirror is part of a collection of mirrors with a glass frame, which is forged using heat. A peculiar characteristic of this furnishing element is the particular workmanship that allows the glass sheet to be shaped, giving rise to two elements in relief, which seem to chase each other describing the same orbit, like stars in the galaxy. 

Kirty mirror

Kirty is the design mirror with unique and unusual shapes, the ideal solution to give a sense of depth and breadth to the environment. The dominant design of the Kirty mirror will win you over with its scenographic and functional curves. The characteristic shape is created by the curvature of a very thin sheet of manually silvered crystal and is emphasized by precious and important back-engravings. Suitable for large environments with a modern and contemporary style.


Rolli mirror

Rolli is the vertical wall mirror with a sure impact and wow effect: it will capture your gaze as soon as you enter the space. This design solution is enhanced if placed in large environments with a contemporary style. Designed by Studio GBS, the Rolli mirror looks like an open curtain, ready to make the most of the figure of the person in the mirror. The unique design feature is dictated by the perfectly planar central plate which is ideally discovered by a second curved plate of fused glass. The Rolli Eforma mirror is handcrafted, any irregularities are a feature that makes each piece unique and inimitable.


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