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Ferri 1956

ABOUT Ferri 1956

Ferri 1956 tells a story of a brand that puts experience, expertise, craftsmanship and production know-how at the service of quality design. Thus was born Ferri 1956, which has made upholstery its trademark, with an important mission: to offer a 100% Made in Italy design product, firmly rooted into its territory, in perfect synergy between tradition and innovation but also addressing to an international audience. This project was born with ambitious objectives integrating the solid experience of highly specialised personnel with the value of local craftmanship, starting from the rigorous selection and quality of raw materials, tailoring, and attention to detail, which is the company’s stylistic hallmark and also represents a guarantee for the future.

Without ever losing sight of the requests for an increasingly demanding and cosmopolitan clientele, new ever-changing lifestyles require expertise and vision that can only be translated into furnishing projects by involving the most enlightened designers. It is for this reason that Ferri 1956 collaborates with prestigious designers for its collections of upholstery and accessories in perfect symbiosis between the creative and production process. A research into home decor that focuses on the culture of relaxation and on the balance between functionality and beauty, which turns into reality the dreams of those who inhabit the homes of today and who will inhabit those of tomorrow. Passion, the link with the territory and the heritage of knowledge built up over time are still today the cornerstones and the peculiar value that have made Ferri 1956 an Italian manufacturing excellence.


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