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Pianca creates furniture systems and occasional furniture for residential contexts – bedrooms and living rooms – and for the contract market. Our approach to design aims at customising products and places to meet the needs of people whose lifestyles are based on flexibility, mobility and change but who still want to feel at home no matter what. Our respect for the history and founding values of our brand – our territory, our Italian culture, family and genius – and our desire to make authentically sustainable products, make appreciating the human aspects of our company second nature to us, resulting in our ability to blend our rational side (thinking) with our more emotional and empathic side (loving).

They think that the idea of space is becoming less and less definite. Homes are being transformed into offices and offices are getting reorganised to feel as cosy as homes. The need to stay in tune with nature blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Inside, rooms become multi-functional and furniture becomes modular and flexible to fit into smaller homes where various generations share the same premises.

They love design capable of adapting to the flow of a changing world and to the flexible people living in it. Design that makes us feel at home anywhere: in their hotel room on holiday and in the airport we work in while waiting for their flight. They want it to be sustainable because it respects its past, the Earth it comes from and the planet it will leave behind, knowing how to adapt to the needs of the future and of thousands of different experiences, people and lives.

Life is increasingly more mobile and unpredictable. Everything seems to be changing relentlessly except for one: the home experienced as a loving harbour to relax in, a sanctuary for the soul. They want to feel at home, no matter where they are in the world.


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